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Post-Experimentalism has been shortlisted!

Post-Experimentalism has been shortlisted!

Our Post-Experimentalism Issue has been shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards 2013. The issue is up for Best Fiction Anthology. Please cast your vote for us!

Another P-E Review (Monkeybicycle)

Monkeybicycle reviews the Post-Experimental Issue: Monkeybicycle Review

Thanks to C.L. Bledsoe for taking the time to read the issue and write this review.

Thanks for the review, Rio Liang.

I had approached Bartleby Snopes’s special issue devoted to “post-experimentalism” unfamiliar with the genre. But finishing the 17 thematically-grouped stories that comprise the issue moved me no closer to a reliable definition; in fact, it rendered the genre, makeshift or not, more nebulous.

Primarily problematic is that one doesn’t quite get a good sense of what differentiates these stories from the usual arbitrarily grouped fare we see in most other reputable literary magazines. The lingering question, “What is post-experimentalism?” feels somewhat imposed and is more a distraction than anything. (Though I found intriguing the idiosyncratic definitions supplied by the individual authors and subsequently displayed by their stories).

That’s not to say the issue isn’t enjoyable. Stripped of the extraneous post-experimentalism plastic covering, many of the stories make for quite good reads in and of themselves. They are all concerned with the bizarre, more or less. Some don’t feel quite up to par…

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Another Review of Post-Experimentalism

Read Rio Liang’s review of Post-Experimentalism here:

Rio Liang’s Review

After you read the review, pick up the issue and try your own mind at defining the term.

Ian Chung reviews the Post-Experimentalism Issue.


-Reviewed by Ian Chung

Post-Experimentalism is the new project from the Bartleby Snopes team, and bills itself as the world’s first issue of Post-Experimental fiction’. This naturally raises the question of what constitutes post-experimentalism, and both the Post-Experimentalism issue and website offer up several definitions. Reading through these, two related threads emerge. One has to do with the belief that post-experimentalism blends – or even transcends – storytelling genres. The other is the notion that, as Bartleby Snopes Associate Editor Rick Taliaferro puts it, ‘Post-experimentation, what the writer owes to the reader is literary satisfaction’. So the pendulum of post-experimentalism swings away from formal and structural experimentation for its own sake and back towards story, to settle somewhere in their middle. Nathaniel Tower, Bartleby Snopes Managing Editor, describes this as:

“Something different going on with the form that pushes it past traditional writing, but it’s underneath the story. Form…

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Reviews Coming Soon

We know there are several reviewers out there working on something for the Post-Experimental issue. Here’s one place we hope to see one soon.

If you are interested in obtaining a review copy, please send us an email:

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Post-Experimentalism is Here!

The world’s first issue of Post-Experimental fiction is finally here!

Get your print copy here: Print

Or your digital copy here: Digital

Thanks again to everyone who participated. This project was a lot of fun. Please send us your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to read the issue.


The first-ever collection of Post-Experimental fiction presented by Bartleby Snopes and featuring stories and artwork from Jacob M Appel, Andrew Battershill, Justin Bostian, CS DeWildt, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Jacqueline Doyle, Joachim Frank, Jamie Leigh Haden, Christopher James, Hall Jameson, Len Kuntz, Andrea Mason, Leland Neville, Uzodinma Okehi, Stephen V Ramey, Lauren Stone, Edward Trefts, and Sandra Yagi.

Print Copy Awaiting Final Approval

The issue is edited and off to the printers. Expect a link to the magazine later this week. We’re right on schedule for an October 28th release. Thanks to everyone who’s helped to make this possible.

One Week Until Release

The world’s first-ever issue of Post-Experimental fiction will be released one week from today. We’ve sent out a few review copies and eagerly await our first reviews.

We’ll be posting more details about reviews and how to get your own copy as soon as we have it available.