Author Showcase: Hall Jameson

by Nathaniel Tower

Today we bring you Hall Jameson, a writer from Montana and author of “The Tricky Composition”.

Here’s an excerpt from her brilliant Post-Experimental story:

Walter knew he needed to descend. He had to climb over the notes one by one, balanced on the plucky wire of the staff. The sounds plunking away in the distance had grown louder, and the notes below him started to jump and tremble. A flash of red parted the music like a curtain, and for a moment, Walter saw a man, a creature, looking up at him from far below. The figure crouched and slunk away into the distant measures.

            “Walter?” His wife’s voice drifted up, a silk scarf caught by the breeze, followed by a screech from the bell of a French horn, trailed by a low burst from a trombone, the cranky horns warning him to stay away.


Hall Jameson
Author of “The Tricky Composition”

BIO: Hall Jameson is a writer and fine art photographer who lives in Helena, Montana. Her writing and artwork has recently appeared, or is forthcoming in, The Monarch Review, 42 Magazine, Redivider, and Eric’s Hysterics. When she’s not writing or taking photographs, Hall enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and cat wrangling.