Author Showcase: Leland Neville

by Nathaniel Tower

Today we bring you Leland Neville, author of the outstanding Post-Experimental fiction “American Outlaws”. Here’s an excerpt that will surely get you excited for the official release of the issue on October 28th:

Excerpt from “American Outlaws”

Emma believes the dearth of personal trivia in her own life is of course a blessing. Although her pre-Alex sexual encounters are vague and the men formless, Emma is certain they were pleasurable. Thanks to memory amelioration and/or attention deconcentration, her sexual fantasies are healthy and she does not exhibit any reluctance or fear with Alex. There is no reason to resist her destiny just because the government might be poking around inside her brain. If she can channel Marilyn, well, isn’t that a gift worth exploiting? Her role in this latest production is not confined to that of an extra, a supernumerary, in an inanely forgettable scene. This is Emma’s breakout role, her Niagara . Emma is in the throes of continuity. Emma has detected a transformation in recent autobiographical memories and is intrigued by the accumulation of detail since meeting Alex almost two or three months ago.

Leland Neville

BIO: Leland Neville lives in upstate New York where he is a fulltime write. He previously worked for a news magazine in Washington, D.C. and taught in both a high school and a prison. Some of his short stories have appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, The Antietam Review, The Barcelona Review, Pulp Modern #2, White Cat Magazine, and 5 Stop Story.  Non-fiction has appeared in U.S. News & World Report and The New York Review of Science Fiction.   He is currently completing a novel.