Author Showcase: Len Kuntz

by Nathaniel Tower

Today’s featured author is Len Kuntz. His appearance in our Post-Experimental issue marks the third time he’s been published with us. Here’s what he has to say about his wonderful story “Milk”:


I’m thrilled to be in Bartleby Snopes again, and especially for the Post-Experimentalism feature.  Post-experimentalism is about bending reality, shooting scenes through a kaleidoscope, then through a meat grinder, then re-paginating them with a cadence fluid enough to set it apart and upright.  There still needs to be a sense of narrative and a story, but the writing should have a more ethereal quality much the way animated characters can do superhuman things.  In the story, “Milk” there are a lot of elements at work.  The woman, milk, lust and love—they’re all entwined, yet portending different meanings.

Like all of the arts, the best Post-Experimentalist writings leave an imprint on the audience long afterward.  Sometimes it’s a head-scratching sense of “What happened?”  Other times it’s jaw-dropping.  Once in a while the writing is even strong enough to make the reader say, “I have to have another look at this.”


Len Kuntz
Author of “Milk”


BIO: Len Kuntz is a writer from Washington State whose work appears widely in print and online.  Additionally, Len is an editor at the online literary magazine Metazen.  His story collection, “I’m Not Supposed To Be Here And Neither Are You” debuts from Aqueous Books in 2014.  You can find him at