Author Showcase: Christopher James

by Nathaniel Tower

Today we bring you Christopher James, an author who likes to let his stories do the talking for him. We managed to twist his arm enough to get some information about him, and now we’re offering it to the world. His contribution to the Post-Experimental issue is called “Sweet Enough”, a piece Christopher described like this:

Sweet Enough is post-experimental in that it is written in a series of tweet-sized chunks. It came about from a sense that in condensing things to tweets we inevitably miss out certain things. I thought that would both force me to concentrate hard on what it was I wanted to say (which is good) but I also thought it reflected something lacking in the attention span of a lot of people nowadays. 

Christopher James

BIO: Christopher James was born in London, in England, many years ago, and set out for Jakarta, Indonesia, more recently, to live and work and write. Two down, one to go. He occasionally begins blogs with all the best intentions in the world and they last days or weeks or even months before they’re abandoned. The most recently unabandoned website is It is mostly made up of pictures.