Author Showcase: Andrea Mason

by Nathaniel Tower

It’s hard not to be intrigued by a story called Po(i)nty Tongues. Andrea Mason sure grabbed us with the title, and the brilliant story that accompanied the submission more than lived up to what we wanted to see. It’s a sharp piece, pun not intended (or is it?). You’ll see for yourself in a month when the issue is released.

Andrea Mason


Andrea Mason is a London-based artist and writer, and director of Literary Kitchen,, a creative writing academy. She is currently seeking to establish a forum for modernist/experimental fiction via an organization called Stein + Toklas, which will be a fluid collective.


As an artist she has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, and more recently undertaken several public art commissions.


She has published short stories in art publications The Happy Hypocrite, edited by Maria Fusco, and Frozen Tears III, edited by John Russell, as well as online at Necessary Fiction, Notes From the Underground and Spilling Ink Review. A novel and a collection of short stories, Year of the Rabbit, are imminent.


She is interested in process and performance, and has read her work throughout the UK, as well as hosting various salons and reading events.