Author Showcase: Uzodinma Okehi

by Nathaniel Tower

When we first read Uzodinma Okehi’s “Cumulo-Nimbus Tonight!”, the first thing we did was read it again. It’s that good. We’re looking forward to sharing it with the world in our Post-Experimentalism issue (which is just a little over a month from release).

Here’s an excerpt from this wonderful piece:

Not just for dear life. Squeezing that bar, swinging on the outside of the railing. A little scream, scrabbling with my feet against the side of the building, flakes of rust digging into my palms. Funny how moments like this are pure sensation. Puke on my breath. The sweat in the armpits of my silk shirt. My asshole, puckering. I’m in fact, sweating bullets, and I feel, more than I really see the deserted, rock-hard sidewalk way down below. Even in the moment I can admit how lame it would be die this way, and I can imagine the postscript: Unknown American falls eleven stories to his death. Girls at party remain unenthused . . .


Uzodinma Okehi lives, breathes, writes, and draws comics in New York City. For issues of his zine, Blue Okoye, try him at: