Author Showcase: Andrew Battershill

by Nathaniel Tower

Of all the stories in the Post-Experimentalism issue, Andrew Battershill’s “Laundry Under the Cover of Darkness” is probably the one with the most innovative usage of form. But the form doesn’t make the story. It enhances the fantastic writing. You’ll see what we mean when the issue is released. For now, here’s a little excerpt:
A picture that Nicole never took: Cat with a chainsaw and a heartbeat; two small, cone-shaped containers for fountain pen ink capsules sitting on a beige desktop; beside them a mostly clear marble, inside the marble three twisting shades of yellow through the middle; beside the marble, half-developed and underexposed, the tip of Sergei’s finger, sticky with dandelion juice, beginning to curl; outside the frame three obese men, two small portions of lentil pot-pie, a table, and three chairs.
BIO: Andrew Battershill is the co-editor of Dragnet Magazine. He is currently completing his M.A in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto under the mentorship of Pasha Malla. He was the winner of the 2010 Irving Layton Award for Fiction, and the 2011 On The Danforth Postcard Story Contest.


Andrew Battershill
author of “Laundry Under the Cover of Darkness”