Author Showcase: Jacqueline Doyle

by Nathaniel Tower

Today we feature Jacqueline Doyle in our Author Showcase. In 2011, we featured her story “The Accident” on our site. We will be sharing her story “The Last Metaphor” with you in our Post-Experimentalism issue.

“The Last Metaphor” is a fun read that utilizes some non-traditional story-telling techniques. Jacqueline presents the story with masterful precision, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you next month.

More about Jacqueline:

Jacqueline Doyle’s previous fiction (in Bartleby Snopes, Front Porch Journal, California Northern, and elsewhere) is more realist than experimental, as is her creative nonfiction (in South Dakota Review, Blood Orange Review, Pear Noir!, among others). However, she enjoys pushing the limits of genre, as in her non-fictional account of her pursuit of a crazed Dutch literary stalker in “Dutch Double” in Rio Grande Review, and her meta-creative nonfiction essay “Setting the Scene, or Two Authors in Search of a Character and Some Action” in Prick of the Spindle. Probably her most experimental piece was a flash in 5-trope that even she doesn’t understand, though she has some theories about it. If experimentalism often rests on theory, post-experimentalism takes flight with it. She loves following the wild connections triggered by the mind in overdrive. “The Last Metaphor” deals with the vanity of the writer compulsively generating lists of metaphors in the face of death, and takes the reader beyond the brink of story and the writer’s life. You could call it posthumous post-experimentalism, if it wasn’t just a whimsical flash.

Jacqueline Doyle